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Our supporting partners

Since 2017, Junior Consulting is part of JE Belgium, an organisation of Junior Enterprises in Belgium. Connected by a common goal, all companies join forces to strengthen each other. Junior Consulting therefore also complies with the quality label awarded by JE Belgium, which stands for a high quality of service.


Puro is the Fairtrade coffee brand of Miko Coffee Service. All Puro coffees are 100% Fairtrade certified. Puro supports coffee farmers in the South and gives them a fair price for their products. Puro is a 'green' coffee! It donates a contribution to the nature conservation organisation World Land Trust to buy endangered areas of rainforest and to manage them sustainably.


Whether you want to become an entrepreneur, a liberal profession, a civil servant, a policymaker or an employee, it is very important to use your entrepreneurial skills for every job. Would you like to discover what you are good at and what you like to do during your time as a student and develop your entrepreneurial skills further and gain experience? Then StudentStartUP UHasselt would like to help you with this.

Through the project Pitch Please they organize numerous events such as workshops, inspiration cafes, information sessions, competitions, etc. to boost your entrepreneurial skills.

If you have a vague or concrete idea of starting up your own business or letting it grow, StudentStartUp will guide you from A to Z. Also take a look at their multidisciplinary courses on entrepreneurship.


Koen van Upstream ondersteunt ons team en onze projectleden in hun dagelijkse werking. Dankzij zijn expertise, kunnen wij Junior Consulting naar een hoger niveau tillen.


Net zoals Koen van Upstream, ondersteunt Lieze van Proactify ons in onze groei. De leerrijke sessies over marketing, visie, strategie… brengen een enorme meerwaarde aan de leden van ons team.