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Have you always wanted to work for a young and innovating company that is currently in full expansion?

Cyclis Bike Leasing is a B2B bike leasing company full of young and innovating ideas. Since we at JuCon have the opportunity of working with students who can support this creative vision, we’re thrilled to announce this project!

To help a company grow you must be up to date on your position in the market. The objective for this project will be brand awareness and the competitive position Cyclis occupies. Convinced? Sign up now!

Project 2:Automatization of a filing system 
Are you interested in programming and the atomization of internal processes? Then this project might be perfect for you!

Winprof is een onderneming die actief is de profilering van ramen, deuren en glasvezels. Bij hun interne processen moeten werknemers regelmatig op zoek gaan naar fiches die zij verder moeten invullen. Om de increase efficiency within the company, Winprof wants to automate the search and acquisition of their files.This project will therefore consist of finding an efficient and user-friendly way to develop a token system in Python taking into account the internal workings of the company! 

Do you want to apply your programming knowledge in practice or gain experience in the automation of internal processes? Then apply now!

Management Analysis
Would you like to contribute to Student Hotspot, a place for students?

The Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities of Limburg has been developing an initiative for the students of Hasselt: Student Hotspot!A place for students, both physically and online. Since the start-up is in sight, Student Hotspot wants advice on the management and organizational approach of the project.As a project member you will participate in 3 active brainstorming sessions.A slightly shorter project, but a big impact for the students!

Convinced? Apply now!

Customer Satisfaction Analysis
Do you want to know how to analyze the customer satisfaction of a company?

Hassal nv is an aluminum foundry that is responsible for the development and finishing of aluminum castings. Due to their commitment to engineering and development, they always strive for the most economical solution. For this project, Hassal wants to focus more on customer satisfaction and they want an analysis of the current situation of their company and customers.

In this research, surveys and in-depth interviews will be used to arrive at a substantiated decision. Would you also like to gain this knowledge and experience to excel in the business world later on? Then grab your chance now!

Business Model Analysis
The center for psychotherapy & counseling is expanding and is looking for an innovative vision!

Are you a person who goes wild for innovation?? Do you like innovative ideas? Then this project is perfect for you!

The center for psychotherapy & counseling, a company with 5-10 employees, is expanding its business model.Their goal is to enter a new market,but they want a fresh vision and constructive feedback from creative and entrepreneurial students.

Are you a critical thinker, but can you spot opportunities in the market? Apply now for this project!

Customer Satisfaction Analysis (Dutch Only)
Ben jij geïnteresseerd in de evolutie die een bedrijf kan maken op vlak van klantentevredenheid? 

Gilis Storage, Turnhout's largest logistics partner, is a returning customer of Junior Consulting. Previously, a customer satisfaction analysis was carried out according to the ISO9000 standards.For this project, we will redo this analysis, but compare and analyze the results.Based on this, we get a good picture of the evolution that the company has gone through and we can provide further advice!

Are you a student who is analytically strong and can support the prospects of a company? Then apply now!

A project lasts around 8 weeks and requires an average of 2 hours per week. We make sure that projects don't interfere with your exams.

Registrations are open until 17/10, 18:00

Are you interested in a project, but not sure if this is something for you? On October 14th we organize a Q&A where you will be able to ask all your questions!

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