Become a member!

Become a member!

We are at the beginning of a new academic year, which makes it your opportunity to become a member of Junior Consulting!

For who?

  • Business students
  • IT students
  • Law students


Why become a member?

At Junior Consulting we aim to offer students a boost to their professional careers. By organizing workshops, events and real-life consultancy projects for companies, students get the chance to gain hand-on experience and improve their soft skills!

Learn, together with us, how you should best Handke a job interview or how you start with investing. Are you interested in cryptocurrency or is marketing more your passion? At Junior Consulting there will definitely be something to your liking!


What does it cost?

In the end we are all students with a not so big wallet. But no worries! At Junior Consulting we do our best to make everything accessible for students!

A 1-year membership costs 5 euros! All events, workshops and consultancy projects are included!.



Overtuigd? Maak je dan nu hier lid!